Harry Potter Table Preparations

Today was a day for intense Harry Potter crafting, which was complicated by the fact that Bea’s preschool was cancelled once again. Bea is a lovely child, until she’s not–and, really, what four-year-old understands the importance of bringing respectable competition to one’s table at the Butterflies in Motion luncheon? Most adults don’t get it–although I tend to gravitate toward the ones who do.

Bea is presh, but patience is not her strong suit.

I spent the morning finalizing the plan for linens, napkins, and chair wraps with Events, creatively molding hot glue onto chopsticks, and applying labels to potion bottles with Mod Podge. Then Bea and I ran over to Carolyn’s to discuss the final plan for the table, and then poor Bea and I spent some quality time together before I came home to paint the wands and tea-stain fifty Hogwarts acceptance letters.

Chop sticks with hot glue, pre-painting
Painted chop stick wands with burnished metallic handles
A few of my potion bottles–these are the ones that don’t have potions in them yet.


Tea-stained Hogwart’s acceptance letters, with Hogwarts seal.

I’m excited about the table. Set-up is tomorrow night at the Brown Hotel, and the luncheon is Thursday. A few of my tea-stained letters are still drying, and I need to make a few more potions. Now that most of the Harry Potter crafting is finished, I can focus on my wizard look. I’m lucky to have a daughter who owns all the Gryffindor accessories.