I love cooking and sharing original recipes. Grab a glass of wine and come into the kitchen with Cocktails At 7.

To me, cooking for family and friends is a way to show love. I believe that there’s no cooking concept I can’t figure out. With a good recipe and the power of the entire Internet on my side, I can do anything. I like to devise and modify recipes, and I love being creative. Join me as I cook and bake everything, from breads and breakfasts, to easy weeknight dinners, to gourmet meals fit for a party. And no special meal is complete without dessert!

I’ve shared my original recipes like my cherry lime trifle and mojo pasta salad, my take on classic recipes, and my State Fair blue ribbon-winning recipe for challah. Sign up for my cooking tips and secrets I’ve picked up through years of experience and trial and error. I believe that recipes are to be shared and enjoyed, so come cook with me! Join Cocktails At 7 as I cook my way from breakfast to dessert.