The Kentucky Legislature, Bless their Hearts…And What to Wear to the Racino

The Kentucky General Assembly is in sesh again, and bless their hearts, they are just their own worst enemy. This time there’s a gambling bill (there’s always a gambling bill), and once again the bill has lots of strong opponents, because…I don’t know why. Morality? For a state where so much bourbon drinking and horse-racing goes on, we sure do enjoy punishing the very industries that bring in much-needed tax revenue.

While the legislators debate the moral pitfalls versus financial benefits of casino gambling, I’ve been invited to go to the racino this weekend. I’ve never been to the racino, but I’ve heard it’s fun. It seems a little sketch to spend a Friday night at what essentially feels like an off-track betting facility. (Do they offer off-track betting? Is off-track betting still a thing in the age of TwinSpires?) Apparently the racino has slot-machine-esque games where you can bet on historic horse races.

I’m not even that much of a gambler, but I feel like a night at the racino calls for a specific kind of outfit, and I’m not sure what that is. It doesn’t seem like the type of situation where it would be appropriate to ask myself what Duchess Kate would wear. (I bet the miniskirt-clad, mid-aughts Kate Middleton would have enjoyed the racino, though…just sayin’). If the nearby casino just across the state line offers any wardrobe clues, I should show up in an oversized Tweety Bird t-shirt.

I’m going to have to think about this one…

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