Well, it happened. (Of course it did). I was putting my children to bed on a Thursday night and I got a text from a friend, letting me know that they were announcing my new board position in the Younger Woman’s Club. (I’m Garden Chair for next year which means I get to plan the Holiday Tea). I texted her back to see if I should come down there, and she said definitely, because there was champagne. Five minutes later, I was out the door—and do you know why that was possible? Because I was wearing a dress.

I’m so glad I went—the Allocations Ceremony is always such an inspiring event. It’s when we give out grants from fundraising dollars to local charities, then toast another successful year with champagne and cake. It’s lovely because each charity sends a representative to speak, to say thank you and to let us know how our grant money will be spent.

I arrived fashionably late, but I heard from a representative from the Schuhmann Center, where our money will be used to buy fresh socks and underwear for homeless men, women, and children. Someone from the Healing Place spoke; there our money will be allocated for mothers who are struggling with addiction and trying to learn parenting skills in order to regain custody of their children. Other recipients included the Legal Aid Society, Senior Care Experts, and St. John Center.

These agencies sent representatives to say thank you, and I love that event because it reminds me that there are needs in this community that I don’t even know about. YWC is a great group full of really fun girls with lots of opportunities to socialize, but the real purpose of the Club is raising money to donate to local charities. I like seeing where the fundraising dollars go and knowing that they fill a need.

I’m excited about being on the YWC board next year. I was really involved with Junior League back in the day, before marriage and children, and I always enjoyed my volunteer work and the friends I made. I was on the YWC board as Book Club chair for a few years, but those years were insane because I had three babies at the time; I needed to take a step back. Now all three are in school, and I’m very involved in their school, and that’s what I want to be doing, but I’m also excited about reconnecting with YWC friends as Garden Chair. In a few years it will be time for me to graduate from the Younger Woman’s Club to the Woman’s Club, which is fine—the women there are lovely, and there are more daytime events to attend than in YWC. I feel like being Garden Chair is a good way for me wind down my years in YWC.

I have several thank-you notes to write to my lovely friends today. My Memorial Day weekend was filled with fun events with my friends: a crawfish boil, a goodbye party for a friend who’s going to Cyprus for the summer, and an overnight slumber party at the Omni with girlfriends, (I’m shocked our group wasn’t asked to leave), followed by a brunch with dear friends, then a cookout with other friends. I definitely need to detox with sparkling water for a few days. There’s a wine tasting tonight, and, as much as I would love to learn all about tasting rosé, I have probably been gone too much over the past few days to attend.

My children have two and a half more days of school—bring on the summer fun!

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