I Don’t Believe In Royal Rivalries

I hear there’s a new royal baby. My big question is whether or not Meghan will allow herself to be dressed up and coiffed and paraded in front of the cameras wearing pantyhose the way Kate was, bless her heart.

I don’t really pay much attention to celebrity gossip; I have trouble remembering the gossip and intrigue of people I actually know, and the rest of my head is filled up with haircare tips. If I understand it correctly, Kate and Meghan have a rivalry because Kate follows all the rules and Meghan doesn’t. Is that it?

As a rule-following girl myself, I suppose I can see where Kate is coming from. But I do sort of have trouble buying the media’s portrayal that there’s a rivalry at all, and I think it’s sort of misogynistic to frame the narrative as an either/or issue. And, by “media portrayal,” I’m referring to the cover of a tabloid magazine that I glanced at on one of the rare occasions that I was actually walking through a grocery store recently. (I was buying daisies to garnish a lemon meringue pie). But I don’t even have to read the article to know what it’s about, because those tabloids always want to tell us about celebrity catfights, and expect us to pick a side.

Does anyone actually get into catfights? The Real Housewives franchise would make us believe that this happens all the time, but am I naive or old-fashioned to believe that relationships are a little more nuanced than that? In real life, I might (at the very worst) roll my eyes at someone who flouts convention and ignores tradition, because I’m a traditional girl, but am I really going to get into a catfight with that person, or even say something snide or rude? No, because I have good manners, and because in real life we have to co-exist with the people who are different from us. Many times I find the people who are different from me to be more interesting than the people who are exactly like me.

I feel like the Kate/Meghan issue is designed to divide us, in the same vein as the Mommy Wars (which, in my experience, are non-existant). Why do we have to pick a side? We don’t. It’s possible to like them both, for different reasons.

So cheers to Meghan and her new royal baby, and cheers to Kate, and cheers to nuanced real-life relationships, and cheers to being smarter than the narratives the media feeds us to sell tabloids. Let’s fill our heads with real-life gossip and haircare tips instead.

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