Public Policy and Cupcakes Don’t Mix

Gloria Steinem never said this in so many words, but the message of feminism was clear: never bake cupcakes while thinking about public policy. The two don’t mix, and trying to force them to peacefully coexist will lead to mutual destruction.

I was all wound up this morning, about the cupcakes. There was a lot on my mind: the teacher protests, my long to-do list, the impending Mueller report; plus my friends were engaged in an interesting conversation via text messaging about gender-neutral pronouns in the workplace. So I was excited about the cupcakes, but I wasn’t 100% focused on the cupcakes.

I forgot to add the eggs.

I’m not an idiot and I swear I bake all the time; I was just really distracted today. I could have served the eggless cupcakes; they sort of looked ok. But this may be the only time ever that I’m allowed to bring in cupcakes. There was one other time three years ago—Halloween—when parents were allowed to bring in treats. I went over-the-top, of course. The whole thing launched a huge controversy, so who knows when I’ll get another opportunity? I have to get this one right. So I had to go back to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get more of the cute Wilton black wave cupcake wrappers that I bought just for the occasion, and start over.

Speaking of huge controversies, why is there no live stream of the Kentucky teacher protests? KET online is just showing coverage of the House and Senate proceedings. The tv networks are showing normal daytime tv drivel. Attention network programming executives: some us who stay home during the day are smart, and care about public policy, and like drama, and we want to watch these teachers as they storm the Bastille.

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