I Finally Get to Be the Mom Who Brings the Cupcakes

The public schools here are closed today because the teachers are protesting some legislation in Frankfort. There’s something about allotting public funds for deserving underprivileged children to attend private schools. So all the public school teachers and supporters called in sick at the last minute this morning, and they’re wearing red outfits, and all the private school supporters are wearing yellow scarves. The legislators are also discussing teacher pensions, and the possibility of giving superintendents more executive power.

My children attend private school, but you wouldn’t catch me within ten miles of the Kentucky capitol wearing a yellow scarf or yellow anything else or even my glorious yellow hair.

I think it’s time we all agree that public schools are a good investment. What is the alternative here? Not funding public schools and watching society devolve into more ignorance than it already has? The JCPS Twitter feed already tells me we’ve got a lot of work to do; some of these people’s grammar would make the Baby Jesus cry. How much lower can we allow ourselves to sink?

Speaking of schools, my children’s precious little boutique school is very particular about sugary snacks coming in the door. The responsible side of me understands completely when a child has a nut allergy or a special diet or a gluten sensitivity, and I get that the teachers don’t want the children to get all wound up with a lot of sugars and unholy red dyes. But the fun side of me wants to bring in cupcakes.

Sorry not sorry. I’ve wanted to be the mom with the cupcakes since my own mom was the mom with the cupcakes.

Now I finally get to be the mom with the cupcakes!

The second grade has been reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins for a few months now. They’ve discussed the text in-depth, learned new vocabulary words, answered important questions about the plot. Even their science curriculum has reflected the book, with each child doing an arctic animal project and presentation. This week all their hard work will be rewarded when they get a special class viewing of the movie.

And all movie screenings need snacks, so I finally get to be the mom with the cupcakes. These will be the most epic penguin-themed cupcakes in the history of penguin-themed cupcakes. (Either that, or they’ll be Nailed It! material…one or the other).

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